1991 productions

18–20 July 1991

Absent Friends

By Alan Ayckbourn

When Colin, a friend who has been absent, comes back to his circle of friends, his friends are worried about how to approach him over the death of his fiancée, Carol, who has drowned.

Diana arranges a get together for Colin's arrival. Interrelationship tensions are bubbling to the surface and this is near erupting when Colin arrives, heightening the tension when they all have to appear friendly towards him. However Colin seems euphorically happy while the rest of the party are near breaking point.

Diana is concerned whether her husband (Paul) is faithful or not. Deep down she knows he is not and has a feeling he is having ane affair with Evelyn. Evelyn's husband John is in business with Paul and knows that Paul and Evelyn have slept together but doesn't say anything in fear of damaging business relations.

25–27 April 1991

An Inspector Calls

By J. B. Priestley

The play revolves around the apparent suicide of a young woman called Eva Smith.

The unsuspecting Birling family are visited by the mysterious Inspector Goole. He arrives just as they are celebrating the engagement of Sheila Birling to Gerald Croft.

The Inspector reveals that a girl called Eva Smith, has taken her own life by drinking disinfectant. The family are horrified but initially confused as to why the Inspector has called to see them. What follows is a tense and uncomfortable investigation by an all-knowing Inspector through which the family discover that they are all in fact caught up in this poor girl’s death.

22–26 January 1991

Robin Hood

By Terry Cooling

The evil Sheriff of Nottingham is under pressure, trying to get as much tax out of the poor folk of Nottingham town as possible and keeping the devious Prince John off his back, whilst trying to woo the fair Maid Marian into marriage. To add to his woes his old battle axe of a nursemaid, Granny Nott, is coming to pay him a visit.

Trouble is also brewing in the forest with a band of desperate female outlaws led by the outlaw Robin Hood stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. When Robin meets Marian in the Town Square they fall instantly in love. When the Sheriff sees this he kidnaps Maid Marian to lure Robin Hood into a trap.

Can Robin Hood win the day? Course he can!