1992 productions

20–24 October 1992


By Steve Littell, Steve Page and Steve Trill

‘Georgie’ is a musical written by three of our members and tells the story of an 'ordinary' man re-evaluating his life in the face of death. On his deathbed with his family gathered around him, Georgie revisits all of the experiences that shaped his life, from his first days at school, joining the army, falling in love, the birth of his children and the death of his father.

At the end Georgie realises that he has had a wonderful life and looks back with fondness on the experiences that shaped him, before passing away surrounded by his family.

23–25 April 1992

Holiday Snap

By Michael Pertwee and John Chapman

A Portuguese time-share villa has been double-booked, unknown to the company Rep, the myopic tippler Commander “Chitto” Chittenden.

When Mary and Henry arrive shortly after Eve and Leslie, Chitto manages to remain unaware that there is more than one couple on the scene. The confusion is compounded when each couple mistakes the other for the servants.

Henry seems to have the upper hand as he discovers that Eve isn't married to Leslie, but when Henry's mother-in-law arrives it becomes clear that Henry isn't with his wife either and he has to bribe the other couple to impersonate his alibi, Sir Piers and Lady Marchbanks. It looks as though things might work out until the real Sir Piers arrives, followed by Henry's real wife.

21–25 January 1992


By Paul Reakes

Sinbad returns from a year at sea on Princess Yasmin's 18th birthday, as soon as their eyes meet he falls madly in love with her, but being from a poor family he's not good enough to woo the princess.

When the Princess is abducted by the evil magician Vazar. With the promise of wealth and her hand in marriage, Sinbad sets sail on his rescue mission with his mother, Dame Semolina Sinbad, Monty the Monkey, the Captain and Mr Mate.

As if Sinbad didn't have enough to contend with, the villainous pirate, Black Hook, soon captures them and attempts to sell them at the Zalabar slave auction.

With the Captain and Mr Mate dressing as a couple of dancing girls to distract the Black Hook anything can and does happen before Sinbad wins the day and his sweet Princess Yasmin.