2006 productions

20–22 October 2005

A Christ in Vichy

By Terence Cooling

This play was written by Terence Cooling especially for our anniversary year. Terry is one of the founding members of the company and who, together with co-founder Mary Cuthbert, a member to this day.

The play is set in a small German occupied village in Vichy, France, during the second World War. The play centres around a group of villagers seeking permission to stage an Easter Passion Play.

The town Kommandant, seeing it as a great propoganda coup, agrees to their requests, with the proviso that the play is directed by a well known German director. The play soon turns to tragedy as real life events merge with the Easter story.

12–14 May 2005

The Happiest Days of Your Life

By John Dighton

This play was put on as part of the PPs 40th anniversary celebrations. It was the very first play produced by the company, in 1965, and we were able to perform it on the exact same dates 40 years later.

An old established, all-boys, boarding school is told that another school is to be billeted with them due to wartime restrictions.

The shock is that it's an all-girls school that has been sent. The two head teachers are soon battling for the upper hand with each other and the Ministry. But a crisis (or two) forces them to work together.

26–29 January 2005


By Paul Reakes

When the sinister Baron Bluebeard sets eyes on the lovely, but poor, Flora Rockbottom he has only one thought – to marry her! When he finds out that the Rockbottom family have fallen on hard times he makes her father an offer he can’t refuse, marriage to Flora in return for great wealth.

Accompanied by her father and her sister, Ruby, Flora becomes a guest in Bluebeard’s castle while she finds out whether she likes him.

Bluebeard’s intentions are far from honourable; when he is bored with Flora she will be locked up in the castle tower with all his other ex wives.

To Flora’s rescue comes Robin Reliant, her soppy sweetheart, and the clumsy Fetch and Carrie and, after much mayhem involving ghosts, poison and the inept antics of Bluebeard’s sidekick, Lurkin, good prevails and Flora is rescued, along with all of Bluebeard’s previous wives!