2013 productions

10–12 October 2013

The Accrington Pals

By Peter Whelan

On the eve of the First World War the young men of Accrington hear Kitchener’s call for a new army and become the smallest town in England to raise a Pals Volunteer Brigade, but on arrival in France, the harsh, brutal reality of war is beyond anything they were
prepared for.

While the men come to terms with life in the trenches of France, for their mothers and family back home, life will never be the same again.

6–8 June 2013

Woman in Mind

By Alan Ayckbourn

As the play begins, housewife Susan, is discovered lying in her suburban garden after stepping on a garden rake that has knocked her out cold. Dr Windsor who is tending to her, is speaking in a strange, unintelligible language.

She is soon visited by her delightful imaginary family – her loving husband Andy, bubbly daughter Lucy and devoted younger brother, Tony.

We soon discover that Susan’s real family is much different and far from delightful. Her husband Gerald is a dull vicar who spends all his time writing a book on the history of his parish, and her sister-in-law Muriel is a dreary widow.

When her estranged son, Rick, comes to lunch after spending the last two years in a non-speaking religious sect, Susan discovers his true feelings towards her and his father.

As her two worlds collide, with her real and fantasy family interacting with each other the play culminates in Susan's breakdown.

23–26 January 2013

Dick Whittington and The Cat

By Terence Cooling

Follow the fortunes of Dick Whittington and Ben, his faithful cat, as they take on the evil Baron Blunderspell and his two half-wit henchmen, Nikitt & Runn.

Thwarted at every turn by the good Fairy Woodbine the Baron comes up with an evil plan in his quest to become Lord Mayor of London. With the help of his dastardly, magical powers the Baron plans to swipe Alderman Fitzwarrens “Aldermanic Dangler" and take over the village of old Hy-Gate and marry the Alderman's daughter, Alice.

But when the Baron's two henchmen give the love potion, intended for Alice, to Dame Jemima Jollop chaos ensues as the lovestruck Dame chases her reluctant romeo, Baron Blunderspell, through the haunted Wood meeting up with ghosts and dancing zombies along the way.

In true panto style good overcomes evil and the Baron is sent away by Fairy Woodbine never to return.