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Season’s Greetings

By Alan Ayckbourn

The play begins on Christmas Eve with a family gathering.

Uncle Harvey and Dr. Bernard are seen arguing about the violence they see on television, while Neville and Eddie are occupied with remote controlled Christmas lights; all of them are ignoring their wives.

During the evening, Belinda's sister, Rachel, becomes anxious over her new friend Clive's late arrival, eventually leaving the house to look for him. When Clive arrives, he meets Belinda, with whom he quickly forms a mutual attraction.

During Christmas Day, Clive spends more time with Belinda and ignores Rachel. After a drunken game of snakes and ladders, Belinda and Clive attempt a secret liaison in the living room, but when a toy drumming bear is accidentally set off the whole house is suddenly awoken.

On Boxing Day, after Bernard has only performed two of the sixteen scenes of his puppet show of The Three Little Pigs, Harvey grabs the puppets and begins a fight, angering Bernard.

On the 27th, Clive tries to sneak off first thing in the morning but mistaking him for an intruder uncle Harvey shoots him, and Dr. Bernard incompetently pronounces him dead.

When Clive recovers, he is taken to hospital, leaving Neville and Belinda together, Neville has chosen to ignore what happened and concentrate on repairing another electrical item.

July 2022       Tickets
Thursday 14 7.30pm £9.00 Adults
Friday 15 7.30pm £8.00 Concessions
Saturday 16 7:30pm (Booking fee applies)
Tickets go on sale 1st June 2022


Progress Hall, Admiral Seymour Road, Eltham, London SE9 1SL