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Summer End

By Eric Chapell

Emily Baines and May Brewer share a bedsitting-room in the Summer End retirement home. Emily is a long term resident of the home and May has recently been moved to the room as Emily's previous room-mate, Bella, died not long ago.

Cantankerous, iron-willed but forgetful, Emily is certain that Bella was murdered for her money by Sally, one of the carers, in collusion with the home's ageing sex-symbol, Vernon Watts, and she has evidence to prove it - or so she thinks.

When her evidence disappears and Bella's sapphire ring is found among her possessions Emily cannot remember enough about her own past actions to stop the finger of suspicion pointing at her. It is not until May is attacked by the would-be killer that the mystery is solved.

Summer End combines the elements of a murder-mystery thriller with a touching and funny character study of two old ladies whose early mutual mistrust gradually changes into friendship as they face suspicion and adversity together.

Tickets go on sale 1st May 2023.

June 2023       Tickets
Thursday 8 7.45pm £9.00 Adults
Friday 9 7.45pm £8.00 Concessions
Saturday 10 7:45pm

Progress Hall, Admiral Seymour Road, Eltham, London SE9 1SL