1994 productions

20–22 October 1994

Abigail’s Party

By Mike Leigh

Beverly Moss invites her new neighbours, Angela and Tony, who moved into the road just two weeks ago, over for drinks. She has also invited her neighbour Susan, divorced for three years, whose fifteen-year-old daughter Abigail is holding a party back in their house. Beverly's husband Laurence comes home late from work, just before the guests arrive.

The gathering starts off in a stiff, insensitive, British-middle-class way as the virtual strangers tentatively gather, until Beverly and Laurence start sniping at each other. As Beverly serves more drinks and the alcohol takes effect, Beverly flirts more and more overtly with Tony, as Laurence sits impotently by. After a tirade about art, Laurence suffers a fatal heart attack. Within this simple framework, all of the obsessions, prejudices, fears and petty competitiveness of the protagonists are ruthlessly exposed.

21–23 October 1994

My Friend Miss Flint

By Donald Churchill and Peter Yeldham

When TV gardener, Tom Lambert, wakes up to find he is sharing his flat with a pretty stranger, the market researcher Lucy, he can't believe his luck. But Tom's luck takes a turn for the worse when he receives a call from the Inland Revenue demanding back tax from him for his PR assistant, Miss Flint – who he has never heard of!

His ex-wife Sarah, who is also his accountant, then reveals that she invented Miss Flint as a tax dodge. He soon gets a visit from two Inland Revenue tax inspectors in the shape of Dodds and C P Lens, eager to reclaim the outstanding money.

Can Tom and Sarah save the day, particularly when Tom's daily help, the lecherous Albert, who finds great difficulty in keeping his trap shut, makes an appearance?

Never has tax matters been such fun!

26–29 January 1994

Old Mother Hubbard

By Paul Reakes

Old Mother Hubbard, her children Hughie and Polly, and their faithful dog Dandy, are destitute. When the Bailiffs come knocking at the door they even face losing their own home. However a good deed by the poverty stricken family to a fairy, disguised as an old woman leads them on an adventure with surprising results!

The Good Fairy grants Old Mother Hubbard a wish, which is to find long lost Uncle Oswald. Before they know it they are transported in the magic cupboard to the Wild West where they meet villains such as Matt Vinyl and the handsome and charming Tex Laramie.