2006 productions

19–21 October 2006


By Ira Levin

Sidney Bruhl is a successful writer of Broadway mystery plays who after four successive flops is now suffering from writers block. Then Bruhl is sent the manuscript of a brilliant suspense drama written by unknown writer Clifford Anderson who he briefly met at a writers seminar.

Desperate for a hit play, Bruhl invites Clifford to come to see him, telling him that he is interested in collaborating with him on the play. Actually, Bruhl plans to murder Clifford and pass off Clifford's play as his own. What Bruhl doesn't know, however, is that Clifford has some surprise plot points of his own up his sleeve.

18–20 May 2006

Communicating Doors

By Alan Ayckbourn

How Ms Poopay Dayseer, a twenty-first century Specialist Sexual Consultant, whilst peddling her 'services' to an elderly hotel room client unexpectedly finds herself running for her life.

How her flight through a communicating door brings her face to face with her own past and with Ruella who apparently died under suspicious circumstances twenty years earlier. And how Poopay's gradual friendship with that remarkable woman changes the future for both of them.

25–28 January 2006

Sinbad The Sailor

By Paul Reakes

Sinbad returns from a year at sea on Princess Yasmin's 18th birthday, as soon as their eyes meet he falls madly in love with her, but being from a poor family he's not good enough to woo the princess.

When the Princess is abducted by the evil magician Vazar. With the promise of wealth and her hand in marriage, Sinbad sets sail on his rescue mission with his mother, Dame Semolina Sinbad, Monty the Monkey, the Captain and Mr Mate.

As if Sinbad didn't have enough to contend with, the villainous pirate, Black Hook, soon captures them and attempts to sell them at the Zalabar slave auction.

With the Captain and Mr Mate dressing as a couple of dancing girls to distract the Black Hook anything can and does happen before Sinbad wins the day and his sweet Princess Yasmin