1996 productions

17–19 October 1996

A Night on the Tiles

By Frank Vickery

Wedding bells are ringing for Gareth and his girlfriend, Shirley. However, the marriage isn’t exactly having the most auspicious of beginnings. Gareth, egged on by his cocky brother Kenneth, has a post-stag-night hangover so bad that he can barely speak and his girlfriend is three months pregnant!

Things between Shirley and Kenneth have not been as innocent as they appear, and when Gareth finds out, his own relationship with Shirley comes under considerable strain.

Further, the newlyweds struggle to escape from the influence of Gareth’s domineering mother, Doris, and set up home on their own. Meanwhile poor old Granddad keeps getting stuck in the outside loo, and after seeing Shirley and Kenneth in a passionate embrace he isn’t even sure whether Shirley married Gareth or Kenneth!

11–13 April 1996

The Vigil

By Ladislas Fodor

A drama set in a modern courtroom, but the theme is far from modern.

Is there life beyond death? Or just a vain hope fostered by the wide held belief that Jesus rose from the dead?

The play focuses on the facts concerning the Resurrection. Did Christ rise from the dead on the third day, or was it just the plot of simple fishermen?

The defendant is one Elias Jacobson, the gardener from the Garden in which Jesus of Nazareth was entombed. He is charged with stealing and hiding the body. Numerous witnesses are called, all with critical facts to add to the story of what did happen on that night.

After hearing all the evidence it is left to the individual to find the answer.

24–27 January 1996

Babes in the Wood

By Paul Reakes

When their father dies, Billy and Milly, the two babes, are sent to live with their wicked uncle, The Sheriff of Nottingham.

The Sheriff wants nothing to do with them until he discovers they are due to receive a large fortune on their 21st birthdays – but if they die before they reach that age, he will inherit the lot!

The Sheriff devises an evil plan to ensure that they don’t reach their 21st birthday and to hurt his enemy, Robin Hood, he plans to marry Maid Marion into the bargain.

Can the brave and dashing Robin Hood and his Merry Men save the day and win the girl?