2019 productions

10–12 October 2019

The Father

By Florian Zeller. Translated by Christopher Hampton

Andre is a man facing persecution, and he refuses to take it any longer. First some girl, a “helper” – whom he doesn’t need at all – steals his favourite watch. Then his daughter Anne, tries to take his flat away. His daughter Elise, the one he actually loves… never comes to visit. Anne’s husband – or lover – Pierre, threatens Andre with violence if he will not cooperate, and strangers keep entering Andre’s flat, telling him that they are his friends and family, telling him that he doesn’t live in his flat anymore.

However aged he may be, Andre knows that he is a powerful man, a man of authority, and he will find some way to assert it. After all, he still has all his faculties…. Doesn’t he?

A darkly humorous and deeply poignant play, Florian Zeller’s The Father is a tragi-comic realistic family story, seeing the world through the eyes of a man with dementia, a dramatic illustration of the physical losses which occur along with the mental ones.

13–15 June 2019

Cheshire Cats

By Gail Young

Grown women, aching feet and heaving bosoms! Follow the Cheshire Cats team as they speedwalk their way to fundraising success in the London Moonwalk.

Hilary, Siobhan, Yvonne, Vicky and Maggie are attempting to walk 13 miles across the capital in record time in their decorated bras and posh new trainers, but the sixth member of the team doesn't seem to meet the physical criteria!

Cheshire Cats is a cross between a girls night out and a real mission to support a cause close to many hearts, with plenty of laughs and a few tears along the way.

24–27 January 2019

By James Barry

In a large family home, in a quiet London street, the Darling children, Wendy, Michael and John are getting ready for bed. Every night it is the same, they can’t sleep until Wendy has finished their favourite bedtime story, the tale of Peter Pan.

But this particular night they are visited by Peter Pan and the mischievous Tinkerbell. After hearing all the wonderful stories from Peter of his life with the Lost Boys they fly to Neverland, where they meet the Lost Boys and the natives, including the outrageous Princess Tiger Lily.

It’s not long before Peter's sworn enemy, the villainous Captain Hook, turns up with his scurvy pirate crew in tow. Intent on finding Peter's secret hideout while always looking over his shoulder for the hungry crocodile who ate his hand, Captain Hook must use all his cunning to trap Peter Pan and get rid of the annoying boy once and for all.