1998 productions

22–24 October 1998

Spanish Lies

By Frank Vickery

What better way for Dougie and Lorna to celebrate 25 years of marriage than to return to the Majorcan hotel where they honeymooned as excited newlyweds?

But it’s more heartbreak hotel than happy holidays for the couple, who find the rain in Spain isn’t the only thing to put a dampener on things. Dougie had been hoping to put the spark back in their flagging relationship but wasn’t expecting the fireworks that the holiday brings!

The hotel is still managed by the same couple, Regietta and her husband Miguel, the local Casanova whom Lorna fell for all those years before, and now Lorna is suddenly faced with the mundane reality of her life and has some tough decisions to make.

14–16 May 1998


By William Shakespeare

The underlying themes of the play include ambition, fate, deception and treachery.

The Scottish king, Duncan, confers the title of the traitorous Cawdor on the heroic General Macbeth after his victory against Norway. On their return Macbeth, and Banquo, happen upon three witches who predict that Macbeth will one day become king.

Macbeth cannot wait to be King and with his wife's assistance murders Duncan. Macbeth's wife smears the blood of Duncan on the daggers of the sleeping guards, before they can be questioned Macbeth kills the guards insisting that their daggers smeared with Duncan's blood are proof that they committed the murder.

The crown passes to Macbeth but Lady Macbeth's conscience now begins to torture her and she imagines that she can see her hands covered with blood, unable to live with what she has done she commits suicide. After a bloody battle Macduff kills Macbeth and Malcolm becomes king.

21–24 January 1998

Dick Turpin

By Paul Reakes

Lord Lotaloot is very rich and very worried, the villainous Mr X is at large stealing valuables from the local gentry.

Meanwhile, Katie, the young milkmaid on Dame Dollop’s farm, has a big crush on the bold highwayman, Dick Turpin. Her dopey boyfriend Billy, hatches a cunning plan to win over her affections, by dressing up as the highwayman.

Although he does get her attention he also attracts the attention of the local Police who think he is the real Dick Turpin and he ends up on trial accused of robbery.

All the while the mysterious Mr X is still at large, who is he and where will he strike next?