15–16 October 2004


By Eric Chappell

A couple return home from a pleasant anniversary celebration with their oldest friends to find that their house has been burgled. Unable to escape in time the burglar hides in a cupboard and once discovered convinces them that he is, in fact, a policeman investigating the break-in.

Once his true identity is known, the burglar reveals that he knows all kinds of uncomfortable truths about them and their friends.

The burglar is none other than Spriggs, who succeeds in disturbing two seemingly happy marriages and one formerly strong friendship with his own brand of subversive observation. It is packed with one-liners, daring reversals and comments on marriage, money, and crime.

21–24 January 2004

Little Red Riding Hood

By Paul Reakes

In the land of Pantovia, trouble is brewing. The country has been brought to near ruin by the foppish Count De Cash. Despite all this, the Rumple family and their neighbours do their best to celebrate young Rosie’s birthday, even if she is dreading her grandmother's inevitable present of a red riding hood!

When the Count's efforts to romance the young Rosie with lavish gifts fail to win her heart he tries to kidnap her and take her to his palace. She is rescued by a mysterious young man and his faithful manservant and it is love at first sight. Little does she know that he is in fact Prince Rupert, the rightful ruler of the land.

The young lovers are soon parted as more mishaps befall the Rumples, a fierce Werewolf now roams the woods.

When Rosie realises the Werewolf is in the woods where her granny lives she sets off to save her. But this granny isn't the frail old woman she seems to be! Can Rosie save her grandma? Only Rupert’s valet knows the beast is really Rupert, changed by the full moon, and must try to save him from the vigilante villagers and the Count’s silver bullet.