2022 productions

14–16 July 2022

Season's Greetings

By Alan Ayckbourn

A family gathering beginning on Christmas Eve. What could possibly go wromg?

While Uncle Harvey and Dr. Bernard are arguing about the violence on TV, Neville and Eddie are occupied with remote controlled Christmas lights; all the time ignoring their wives.

After a drunken game of snakes and ladders, infidelities arise between Clive and Belinda with a secret liaison under the Christmas tree, but when a toy laughing monkey is accidentally set off the whole house is suddenly awoken.

On Boxing Day, after Bernard has only performed two of the sixteen scenes of his puppet show, Harvey has had enough and grabs the puppets destroying them in the process.

On the 27th, Clive tries to sneak off first thing in the morning but mistaking him for an intruder uncle Harvey shoots him, and Dr. Bernard incompetently pronounces him dead.

3–6 March 2022

Robin Hood

By Siobhan Wharton

With King Richard away at the Crusades, England is in the grip of tyranny from his petty, spiteful brother Prince John. Across the land people are being taxed and mistreated, but none more so than in Nottingham, which is ruled by the dastardly and evil Sheriff of Nottingham (Boo!)

But wait, there is hope in the shape of the dashing young upstart Robin Hood, who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. With Prince John breathing down the Sheriff's neck to bring in more tax revenue the Sheriff must find a way to capture Robin and his Merry Men.

With Robin's mum Mother Hood keeping an eye on things what could possibly go wrong?.

Can Robin save Marian from being forced to marry the Sheriff of Nottingham? Can Mother Hood get those stains out of Robin's tights?