2011 productions

13–15 October 2011

Table Manners

By Alan Ayckbourn

Table Manners centers around an extended family of two sisters and an older brother and their friends. Annie, the youngest, still lives at home tending to an elderly, bedridden mother we never see. The action begins when Sarah and Reg (Annie's older brother) arrives to give Annie the chance to escape for the weekend for a long-needed rest. Fireworks begin almost immediately when Annie tells Sarah she is going away with her sister's husband, Norman.

The central figure is Norman, who needs desperately to be loved – by anyone. It's almost hard to blame him, too, once you meet his wife, Ruth, a career-obsessed woman with little apparent need for Norman. Then to further add to the confusion Tom appears, the veterinarian neighbour whom everyone assumes is courting Annie. Throughout the play we see an extended family whose members simultaneously despise each other and yet can't get enough of each other.

26–29 January 2011

Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates

By Paul Reakes

The Crusoe boys, Robinson and Willy, find their hopes of marrying their sweethearts dashed due to their lack of money. Then Robinson is left his uncle's old sea chest with a mysterious treasure map hidden inside.

Off he sails with Willy and their mother, Ma Crusoe, in search of Captain Flint's treasure. Unbeknownst to them the evil pirate Blackbeard and his daft sidekick Patch intend to steal the map. They all end up on a deserted island both sides trying to get their hands on the treasure, throw in a tribe of blood thirsty savages lead by the scarey witchdoctor and a swashbuckling female pirate and it's spills and chills, laughter and fun all the way.