2007 productions

17–20 October 2007

The Crucible

By Arthur Miller

After a group of young women are accused of witchcraft in the Puritan community of Salem, Massachusetts. in 1692, Abigail Williams is held on suspicion of practicing witch craft. Abigail in turn levels charges against John Proctor and his wife Elizabeth. Abigail has a private grudge against the Proctors; while working as their servant, she had an affair with John, and when John ended the relationship and returned to his wife, Abigail was dismissed.

Now the Reverend Parris is hearing accusations and counter-accusations of misdeeds from all sides of the community in the wake of Abigail’s charges, so he brings in Judge Danforth to determine who is guilty or innocent.

Given the moral climate of the time, someone has to be found guilty of witchcraft, even though firm evidence of wrongdoing is becoming hard to come by.

17–19 May 2007

Life X 3

By Yasmina Reza

Henri and Sonia are putting their son to bed when Hubert and Ines arrive for dinner, a day earlier than expected.

As the evening degenerates, Yasmina Reza’s play blends cruel observations with high comedy in an hilarious and poignant examination of our most personal intimacies and private longings. We see three versions of the same socially hapless evening in which the characters change subtly each time, providing a dramatically different outcome for each.

24–27 January 2007

Dick Turpin

By Paul Reakes

Lord Lotaloot is very rich and very worried, the villainous Mr X is at large stealing valuables from the local gentry.

Meanwhile, Katie, the young milkmaid on Dame Dollop’s farm, has a big crush on the bold highwayman, Dick Turpin. Her dopey boyfriend Billy, hatches a cunning plan to win over her affections, by dressing up as the highwayman.

Although he does get her attention he also attracts the attention of the local Police who think he is the real Dick Turpin and he ends up on trial accused of robbery.

All the while the mysterious Mr X is still at large, who is he and where will he strike next?