2001 productions

17–19 May 2001

Living Together

By Alan Ayckbourn

‘Living Together‘ is the second play of The Norman Conquests trilogy. It takes place in the Living Room, over the same weekend, with the same characters.

This one begins on Saturday evening with Norman sulking because his trip has been canceled, Reg dealing with the bags and Sarah marshalling everyone around.

Married relationships take the foreground in this play. Particularly Sarah and Reg's union – with her constantly running him down and bossing him – dismissing his attempts to get everyone to play his game with him – and his general acceptance of her command. This plays counter to Ruth and Norman's marriage which although Norman seems unable to stop himself from suggesting a roll on the carpet or a get-away to Bournemouth to every lady present has an honesty and bluntness that carries them – and by the end, carries them through.

11–13 October 2001

Hound of the Baskervilles

By Tim Kelly (From the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

When Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead, the people living in the neighbouring area are sure that he didn't die from natural causes. Strange sightings of a giant fire-breathing hound and stories from the past have convinced them of this.

The new heir to the property, Sir Henry Baskerville, arrives from Canada determined not to let the stories frighten him away from his new home. He braves the loneliness of the moors, takes pleasure in getting to know his neighbours, and is careful to follow the advice and guidance of the great detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes and Watson slowly unravel a tangle of mystery as the case takes them deep into the heart of the Baskerville family.

24–27 January 2001

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

By Norman Robbins

Once there lived two brothers. For the good hearted Ali Baba, a poverty stricken wood cutter, life is all toil and hardship. But for the proud Kasim Baba, married to a merchant’s daughter and rich beyond dreams, life is easy. The two brothers are alike as chalk and cheese.

Then, quite by accident, Ali discovers a secret cave, piled high with stolen treasure by Al Rashid and his band of Forty Thieves, and from then on life for the two brothers will never be the same again...